Thursday, May 31, 2007

Coming soon: Selamere's Quest

I suppose I should have mentioned that I have a short story coming out in the August/September issue of AlienSkin magazine. The story is called Selamere's Quest, and it's a bit of a genre-bender. It looks like a simple sword-and-sorcery fantasy, but there's more than meets the eye.... (Isn't there always?)

I hope you enjoy it.

Testing, testing . . . .

Hi, everyone! I'm new to this newfangled blogging-type stuff (despite my 28 years in the IT industry). I just sold my first two science fiction novels to Shadowmere Publishing, and my editor strongly (i.e., under pain of, well, pain) recommended setting up a blog. So here it is. How d'ya like it so far? 8^}

Anyway, my first novel is called The Mars Imperative. Set about 160 years from now, it follows the adventures of a rookie geologist, James McKie as he leaves Earth for his first job on Mars. Without giving everything away (and killing the sales of the book), let's just say that his cruise to the Red Planet is less than peaceful. We have sabotage, explosions, kidnap--whoops! I said I wouldn't give it all away.

Then when he finally reaches Mars, it seems like the ol' God of War is out to get him, too, between landslides, dust storms, and--darn it! I did it again. Somewhere along the way, if the perils of Mars and the terrorist--aarrgghh!--don't get him, he might just live long enough to make a momentous discovery that opens the door to widespread human habitation of Mars--assuming that discovery doesn't kill everyone on the planet first!

So the story is a rollicking adventure full of action, danger, humor, and lots and lots of SEX. (Okay, just kidding about the sex. Did I get your attention?)
The Mars Imperative is scheduled for release on June 15, 2007.

My second novel, set in the same universe but 11 years later, is The Tesserene Imperative. With 43 billion people inhabiting this mudball of ours, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. As in The Mars Imperative, the only way for humanity to survive long-term is to mine and colonize other planets. Mars and the asteroid belt are not enough; we must expand to other systems. The ultra rare mineral, tesserene, is the key to the starflight drive. Without sufficient tesserene to fuel the ships of space, humanity is effectively imprisoned in its own system.

As a result, dozens of prospecting and mining ships are scouring the nearest star systems for tesserene and other mineral resources. One such ship, Shamu, is in the asteroid belt of the Richelieu system when it is nearly destroyed in a collision. The five-man crew has three days of air remaining, little water, and a smashed starflight drive. It'll take every ounce of ingenuity and stubborn pigheadedness to find a way to survive. But if they can, a prize awaits them that will open the galaxy to human exploration--and threats the likes of which humanity has never seen.
(Sorry, still no HOT, PERVERTED SEX in this book, either.) The Tesserene Imperative is scheduled for release in October 2007.

In the months to come, the third saga in The Imperative Chronicles will find James McKie joining forces with the crew of Shamu in a new adventure. No release date yet for this tome. (Hey, gimme a chance to finish writing it for cryin' out loud....) I don't know about FILTHY, LUSTY, ANIMAL SEX yet, but it's doubtful. Stay tuned for further developments.

At some point, all the books will be available from, Borders,, and other venues. Initially, however, the ebooks and trade paperback books, will be available from the publisher's website, at

In addition, I have two other novels looking for a good home. The first is called Sunrise Destiny. It's about a private detective who gets an "offer he can't refuse" from a local mob boss. The search for a missing girl turns into a much larger case, involving dozens of missing women. Is it a case of a secret government conspiracy, a mad scientist trying to take over the world, or perhaps intergalactic vampires hungering for our blood? Donatello Sunrise doesn't know, but he's determined to find out. (No publisher yet.) There's plenty of kinky SEX in this book--but it's all off-screen. Sorry.)

And my latest novel (just finishing it up) is called My Other Car is a Spaceship. It begins with retired USAF jet-jockey Hal Nellis mowing his lawn. An instant later, he finds himself standing aboard a spaceship in orbit. Before long, he's recruited in a war to defend "backward" planets like Earth from space pirates that loot, pillage, and kidnap people as slaves. (Yes, that's where all those alien abduction stories come from. Now you know.) Can the pirates be defeated before they become too powerful? (No publisher yet.) Sorry, no DIRTY SEX in this book either. Jeez, people, get your minds out of the gutter!

If you're so all-fired interested in HOT, STEAMY, SWEATY, SEX, I suggest you check out the romance novel by Victoria Chapman (yes, we're related). It's called Devil's Embrace, and can be found at as of June 29, 2007 as well as from Amazon, etc.

And to answer the burning question of why this blog is called Tesserene Dreams . . . drum roll, please . . . it's because The Tesserene Imperative was actually my first novel, and was almost called Tesserene Dreams--in my mind, anyway.
Calling this blog Tesserene Dreams is a way to remember its roots. (I know, I know, all that build-up for this?) Besides, sci-fi and fantasy is all about dreams, no?

So that's my first blog entry. How'd I do? Let me know.

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