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Aliens Versus Zombies

Aliens Versus Zombies by Mark Terence Chapman is available on Amazon in 13 countries:


“Zombies and Aliens [were] not something I thought would mix well. I was wrong. Once i started it, I could not put it down although I eventually had to sleep and eat. I breezed through it in a couple of days. What is so great about this is that the author has ordinary people in the story line … They are not experts at anything, they are everyday people that have survived the worst plague in our worlds' history. I do like that the author gives you a quick lesson in virology and biology,(nothing a layman can't follow). It's almost unnoticed but as it continues you will reference it in your mind … The arrogance of the Aliens is literally their undoing as they tamper with things they do not understand. The fight between the Uninfected humans and Aliens is brutal, disturbing and very real. It is war for the survival of each species and the prize is Earth.”—Amanda Felix (5 stars)

“A very different, unique twist on the zombie genre and I did NOT see the ending coming…total surprise. Good pacing, likeable characters that you root for and a true desire on my part to read it as quickly as I could to see what happened next. I honestly can't give a book higher praise than that.”—Susan (5 stars)

“The book was an incredibly entertaining and well-written tale of sci-fi action and suspense. I…was pleasantly surprised to find a rather unique take on the ‘Zombie’ virus that not only explains things a little better than what most would expect, but lends a wonderful foundation of scientific believability to an otherwise 'out there' story.”—C.M.W. Hawkins, Amazon Canada (5 stars)

“Very good book. Interesting concept, for sure…the military tech is believable. The characters are great, and [the story] leaves you mo[u]rning some of their passing. The ending wasn’t expected… Great read.”—Nick C H. (5 stars)

“In the years since I bought my first kindle, I have read at least a hundred books, and this is only the second time I felt obliged to write a review in order to encourage EVERYONE to download and read this different kind of novel. … It is written so well, and is such a "page turner," that, although I almost never read space novels, I could hardly put it down. Can the human race actually overcome in a world that is being overrun by feral zombies - and also attacked from space? While this seems too fantastic, it is made very believable by this excellent author. I dare anyone to download the sample of this book and not go get the rest of the story once that is read. This is one of those books that is worth 10 times the price. What an enjoyable read!”—Brian from Saratoga, NY (5 stars)

“A fun read. Zombies and aliens aren't usually going to be found in the same book. Author Chapman has found a way to blend both genres into a great story, full of excitement and suspense, as a small band of humans find themselves pitted against both zombies and aliens. It's easy to identify with the humans as they struggle for survival; you feel the relentless struggles as they do everything they can to survive. I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to fans of science fiction (and zombies, too).”—Steve (5 stars)

“Great take on both Zombies and Aliens. I really enjoyed this story. After reading about it and seeing the posts Mr. Chapman listed on the Zombie book page on Facebook, felt like I needed to give it a read. Really glad I did. Great book Mark!”—Teresa Tidwell (5 stars)

“Great read…entertaining…with a lot of action. A book for almost all ages with plenty of surprises.”—Jonathan G. Meyer (5 stars)

“First you have to understand one thing, I hate Zombie books. But this is a good on[e]. The characters are believable, the action is believable, the science is believable: in other words, a believable book. I wonder if there is going to be a sequel.”—Philip D. Long (5 stars)

“Chapman has joined a group of zombie writers that I have seen emerge recently and I really like: His zombies are not some mystical, magical creation. They have become zombies through an airborne contagion that damaged their brain. There is no doubt that a headshot would drop one, but headshots are not necessary. Shot to the torso will kill them and a hit on an arm or a leg leaves them wounded. They're also smarter than zombies in many other stories and learn to use weapons and true ambush tactics. This makes them not only more credible opponents in a fight but also more fun to read about. When the zombies go at it with the aliens it makes sense that they could take a few down. Chapman's zombies move quickly and they can -somewhat- think. It takes a bit of getting used to but it adds a dimension to the story that most other zombie stories miss.”—Jim (Jimbo) McCoy for Jimbo's Awesome SF&F Book and Movie Reviews.* (4.5 Exploding Alien Heads out of 5. See below for the full nine-paragraph review.)

“Mr Chapman has done something that only John Ringo, with his Islands of Rage and Hope series, has previously managed. … Enjoyed it. There were many twists to the story line, all well written and plotted, and the human / Zom interactions had something to 'em I'd never previously thought of…tale well told, original, and satisfying at the end. Well done, sir.”—WhiteGeorge, Amazon France (4 stars)

“I enjoyed this book, a bit different from other zombie books.”—CathyBookWormBrisbane (4 stars)

“clever, interesting twist on zombie/alien.” harry aiken (4 stars)

* Read the full review of Aliens Versus Zombies from Jimbo's Awesome SF&F Book and Movie Reviews.

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My Other Car is a Spaceship is only $0.99/£0.99 until Friday!


This former Amazon #1 bestselling military sci-fi thriller is only $0.99/£0.99 through 3 am (EDT)
October 2

It was supposed to be a quiet retirement. One minute Hal Nellis, former air force fighter pilot, is mowing his lawn; the next, he finds himself drafted to fight interstellar pirates set on sacking Earth and other backwater worlds. With no governments rich enough to patrol all of space, it's up to the commercial shippers to protect themselves via the civilian Merchants' Unity fleet.

When the pirate ships acted independently, the Unity had no trouble keeping them under control. But when the pirates organized to better coordinate their activities, they became an unstoppable force, pushing the underfunded Unity to the brink of collapse and leaving backwater worlds like Earth defenseless.

As one of the rare humans with the hypertasking gene, Hal is able to pilot the best the Unity has to offer. With his help, and that of Captain Kalen Jeffries—the son of human slaves—the remaining ships of the Unity plan a last-ditch effort to break the pirate hegemony. Succeed, and the pirate organization is crushed forever; fail, and the people of Earth and other backwater worlds are doomed to slavery and death.
MY OTHER CAR IS A SPACESHIP is available on Amazon (in 13 countries):

Here’s a 40-minute free sample of the audiobook on YouTube: (eBook links below.)

To find out more about my books, go to my webpage at or my Amazon profile at Twitter:; 

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Excerpt #1 for Aliens Versus Zombies

Excerpt #1 for the 4.6-STAR-RATED Aliens Versus Zombies:

Chapter Zero 

May 2034.

He had no name. He simply was.

Once a mechanic, he was now but a part of The Pack. His filthy, bloody, torn coveralls had a patch on the chest that read Jay. A tattoo of an anchor peeked out of a rip in the right sleeve.

Movement across the street caught his eye. Jay shrieked and grunted, then pointed. The others in The Pack understood the meaning.


Another pack had entered their territory. He knew they were not of The Pack. Their cries and hoots were different.

Once, food had been plentiful, but as the easier food was caught and eaten—the two- and four-legged ones, the flying ones—food got scarcer, until the packs began to starve. They soon eyed one another. The hunger gnawing at them was incessant. It had to be quenched.

Now The Pack, twenty-three strong, gave chase. Some raced left, some right, and some straight ahead. They would leave few openings through which the prey could escape. Ahead, three more members of The Pack waited for the prey to be driven toward them.

They closed the trap. The Pack pounced on the seven interlopers. Bloodstained teeth ripped into flesh, tore open arteries, cracked bones.


This food fought back with ferocity. Two of The Pack died along with the interlopers.

That made nine foods to eat.

The Pack slept with full bellies that night.


* * * * 

March 2033 (fourteen months earlier).

The end of the world had begun with a neither a bang nor a whimper, but with pain.

March 23 began like so many other days, with Lao Tse reaching for a sack of rice to throw onto the back of his cart.


He yanked his hand back and sucked the drop of blood from the back of his finger.

“Damn it!” Must have been a thorn, or a sharp twig.

The wild gerbil that nipped him darted unseen into the nearby reeds. The wound didn’t hurt much after a few minutes, so Lao Tse thought no more of it.

Two days later, while selling his produce in the town marketplace, he developed a headache during lunch, followed by a sore throat, and then a cough. By 4 pm, he coughed almost nonstop and his head throbbed to the rhythm of his pulse. Lao decided to call it a day, but by then he had transmitted this new mutation of the Tibetan Hemorrhagic Fever virus to several other merchants.

The next day, his symptoms progressed to vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

“Papa,” his daughter, Mei, insisted, “you have to go to the hospital!”

“No, no, I’ll be fine. I just need to rest a little more.”

“You’re not fine! Look at you. You’re feverish, sweating, your eyes are bloodshot, and your hands are clammy. No more arguments—we’re going. Get your clothes on.”

“No, really, I’m fi—” A prolonged coughing fit cut off the rest of the sentence. When he finished, it took him several minutes to catch his breath. “Maybe you’re right,” he finally conceded. He wheezed as he spoke.

Mei rushed him to the nearest emergency room in Lhasa. Upon arrival at the Lhasa People’s Hospital, the admitting nurse directed them to “Have a seat over there and fill out this form.”

In the twenty-two minutes before he was examined—coughing and sneezing the entire time—Lao infected eleven people in the waiting room. All received treatment for the injuries or illnesses that had brought them there and then left the hospital before they became symptomatic. Four traveled to other towns and spread the contagion further.

Lao’s condition worsened and he passed out during the examination.

“Nurse!” the doctor called out. “Admit this man for observation.”

Overnight Lao Tse began bleeding from his eyes, nose, ears, and rectum. Patient Zero died two days later.

By the time doctors had diagnosed hemorrhagic fever, quarantined the hospital, and notified the Tibetan government and the World Health Organization (WHO) it was already too late.

* * * * 

CNN Headline News, April 4, 2033: 
“Tibetan virus escapes China; thousands infected throughout East Asia. WHO warns neighboring countries to take precautions.” 

Der Spiegel International (English), April 10, 2033: 
“Germany closes borders to travelers from East Asia.” 

USA Today, April 14, 2033: 
“Virus immune to vaccines” 

Paris Match headline (translated), April 25, 2033: 

Chicago Tribune, April 26, 2033: 
“President McKinnon dead! Marshal Law declared!” 

Daily Record and Sunday Mail (Scotland), May 2, 2033: 
“Parliament Abandoned; UK in Crisis” 

Pravda headline (English), June 29, 2033: 
“2.5 billion believed dead” 

The Rio Times (English), July 17, 2033: 
“Brazil Government Collapses” 

Sydney Morning Herald, August 23, 2033: 
“6 billion dead. Will anyone survive?” feature article, September 19, 2033: 
“Humanity’s end?” 

By Roger Cseh
Staff Reporter

This pandemic is like nothing mankind has ever experienced. Approximately eighty-two percent of the human race—more than eight billion people—died within the first six months.

Of the remaining eighteen percent of humanity nearly all suffered through lesser symptoms, including intense fever that resulted in significant brain trauma. Scientists say the damage occurs primarily to the frontal lobe—the part of the brain that controls the higher brain functions—and especially the cerebral cortex.

These victims don’t die, yet they also are no longer quite human. Instead, they become ravening feral hordes, hunting for living things to eat: snakes raccoons, people—each other. It doesn’t matter. As long as it has a heartbeat, these “zombies”—for want of a better term—pursue and eat it. However they are not the shuffling, undead automatons of horror fiction. They are something else entirely. They are living, breathing creatures, cunning and fast—too fast.

The estimated remaining eight-tenths of one percent of humanity—fewer than eight million individuals worldwide—seem to be immune to the virus. However, with the collapse of all governments and military we stand little chance of surviving long-term against nearly a billion zombies.

God help us all.

* * * *

On May 19, 2034, fourteen months after the plague struck, a Drahtch invasion fleet entered Earth orbit.

Aliens Versus Zombies is available on Amazon in 13 countries:

To find out more about this and my other novels, go to my website at or my Amazon profile at Twitter: @MarkTerenceChap 

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The Mars Imperative is only $0.99 USD for the next few days


Here’s your chance get this 4.3-star rated hard-sci-fi thriller for a mere $0.99 USD.

Mars is like a frontier town, filled with prospectors and mining camps. It’s a place of deadly dust storms, rockslides, and near-vacuum atmosphere. And then there’s the terrorist. The story is chock full of technology, from hyperplanes to space elevators. There are geological surveys and a literal leap of faith (in space).

When young James McKie leaves for his first job in space, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Traveling to Mars is harrowing enough. Surviving once he gets there is another matter entirely. Yet there is a discovery waiting to be made, one that could open Mars to human colonization—if it doesn’t kill everyone first.

Despite being part of a series, THE MARS IMPERATIVE (Book One of The Imperative Chronicles), is a complete, stand-alone story. (You don't necessarily have to read Book Two (The Tesserene Imperative)—but, of course, you’ll want to!) It is available on Amazon in 13 countries:

To find out more about my books, go to my new website: @MarkTerenceChap

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Aliens Versus Zombies debuts! New Website!

July 10 was Release Day for Aliens Versus Zombies. It also was the day my new website officially opened.

Although the preorder special price of $0.99/£0.99 expired at midnight, a one-week promotional price of $1.99/£1.99 is now in effect, expiring on July 23.

As for my new website, it's beautiful. Check it out! Let me know if you'd like to see any new features. I'll see what I can do.

Here are the links to the book and my website.

The website has a blog feature, so I'll likely sunset this blog, once I get the hang of that new blog. :)

I'm already in the process of sunsetting my old website.

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Friday, July 10 is release day for Aliens Versus Zombies! Also, new website!

Only 1 day until release!

Special preorder price: $0.99/£0.99 now through Release Day, Friday, July 10. On July 11, the price goes up.

Check out my new website, too:

Aliens Versus Zombies is a most unconventional sci-fi/zombie hybrid (not really horror, but still a zombie story, closer to Warm Bodies in spirit than The Walking Dead).

The end of the world began with a neither a bang nor a whimper, but with pain. March 23, 2033 was the day the Tibetan hemorrhagic fever virus jumped species.

Eighty-two percent of the human race—more than eight billion people—died within six months, screaming as necrotic tissue rotted on the bone. Of the eighteen percent of humanity that survived the pandemic, nearly all suffered through intense fever that resulted in damage to the higher brain functions. They didn’t die, but they also were no longer quite human. Instead, they became ravening feral hordes, forever hunting for living things to eat: snakes, raccoons, people—it didn’t matter. As long as it had a heartbeat, the zombies—for want of a better term—pursued and ate it. Yet, these zombies were not the mindless, shuffling, automatons of horror fiction. They were something else entirely. They were fast, cunning, hunted in packs, and could use simple tools.

The remaining eight-tenths of one percent of humanity—fewer than eight million individuals worldwide—were immune to the virus. However, with the collapse of all governments and military they stood little chance of surviving long-term against almost two billion zombies.

Fourteen months after the plague struck, a Drahtch invasion fleet arrived with more than twenty thousand armed ships, two million ground troops, and a half-million colonists.

Mankind doesn’t stand a chance.

Or does it?

For TWO FREE CHAPTERS, go to my website, below.

Aliens Versus Zombies is available on Amazon in 13 countries:

To find out more about this and my other novels, go to my old website at or my new site (see link above). @MarkTerenceChap

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SUNRISE DESTINY, is receiving rave reviews!

Only $2.99/£1.99. My paranormal/detective/alien-abduction sci-fi thriller, SUNRISE DESTINY, is receiving rave reviews:

Fast, Funny and Furious. One of the most enjoyable books I have ever read!”—D Sable

“This has to be the most entertaining book I’ve read this month; I absolutely loved it! [T]his book could fit into a number of different genres very well, and I think the cross genre elements are what really make the story work. … The world building is extraordinary and really pulls the story together. I know this is one book I’ll be reading over and over. I cannot say enough good things about this book, and I encourage everyone to go out and get a copy today; it is well worth the money spent!”—Regina for Coffee Time Romance & More; Rating: 5 Cups (their highest rating)

I added Mark Terence Chapman to my auto-buy list; and that was just 80-some pages into the book. … Mark Chapman's narrative was strong and wonderfully detailed, without overdoing it…. Sunrise Destiny was a wonderful surprise and a story that will definitely be a re-read.”— Kathy for Dark Divas Reviews; Rating: 5 Delightful Divas (their highest rating)

“Oh no- it`s over! A story that never lets up and keeps you up past bedtime. Great story line and writing style. Sure hope Chapman has more where this came from!---Amazon Customer

“A fun refreshing twist on a standard science fiction theme-- A fun read, I highly recommend it.”—Kindle Customer

“A very enjoyable and imaginative read - combines gritty private eye and mob characters with unusual aliens and crime. Hope to see a sequel.”—Mike Nichols

Five Stars. Great read I liked it a lot.”—Louis T. Fischer

“Interesting integration of SciFi with some detective story thrown in. Good book.”—Dropzone

Thoroughly enjoyed this. A different slant to a Space Opera fantasy/sci-fi.”—WL Hatfield

“[W]hat an unusually different story […]enjoyed it very much.”—Amazon Customerhardcore sick

“This book was fun! … Perhaps the best part of this story is that characters are not spared the tragedy of the path they walk. Hard choices are made on all sides and many commit acts that they morally object to in order to survive. … I highly recommend this book. It’s fun and exciting, without losing [sight] of the characters’ mortality.”—Janelle for You Gotta Read Reviews; Rating: You Gotta Read ("Our highest rating - very few books will earn this award")

Ever have one of those weeks? While working a case, private detective Donatello Sunrise is abducted by aliens. And that’s the highlight of his week. Soon, the cops are after him for serial kidnappings, a Mob boss wants him dead, and he's fleeing aliens halfway across the galaxy. Somehow, Sunrise and his hooker girlfriend, Lola, must find a way to save two worlds from disaster by helping the good guys defeat the bad guys.

The trick is figuring out which is which.

Sunrise Destiny is available on Amazon in 13 countries:

To find out more about my books, go to my blog at or my website: @MarkTerenceChap

We Did it! The Thunderclap promo campaign for AVZ is a go!

Wednesday night, we reached our goal of 100 supporters for the Aliens Versus Zombies promo campaign. In fact, we exceeded it! The final tally is 103 supporters with a global social media reach of 96,703 people.

Once again, I would like to humbly thank all the supporters of this book. I have acknowledged the previous supporters in earlier missives. These are the latest:

Sean Leas
Gemma Carter
David M Crossett
Pamela Sims
Imani Jones
Julian W Thompson
Beau O'Dell
Kevin Davis
Rose Marie
Delores Walker
Wholohan Gffb James
Shelley M Hall
Angela Fristoe (USA Today bestselling author)
Michael Levy
CM Kaser
Alejandro Campos
Marie Kathryn Casalaspro
Michael Nelson

I hope I spelled everyone's screen names correctly. If not, I apologize.

For those of you who have preordered a copy of the book, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. If you haven't, that's okay, too. :) Your support in this campaign certainly will contribute to the success of the book.

If you would like a copy, or know anyone who might, here is the Amazon link (good for Amazon sites in 13 countries): The preorder price is only $0.99/£0.99 through Release Day, July 10. On July 11, the price goes up. If you're interested, now's the time to buy.

To read a two-chapter sample before the book ships, go to my website at

Again, thank you so much for everything!

Countdown Special for The Imperative Chronicles

Until Sunday 28 June 4 pm EDT, get THE IMPERATIVE CHRONICLES for only $1.99 (61% off the regular price) in the U.S.

Two great novels, one great price! ($0.995 apiece.)

This set contains the complete, unabridged, highly rated novels (4.3 and 4.6 stars), THE MARS IMPERATIVE and THE TESSERENE IMPERATIVE. If you like hard sci-fi and lots of action, this is the book for you.

Get ready for a near-future universe where the science and technology is as real as anything you might encounter today. It's a universe of space elevators, terraforming, mining camps on Mars, and prospecting in distant asteroid belts; a universe where the Earth is dangerously overpopulated. We must expand outward to survive.

Dangers abound in space, but so do opportunities. Succeed and the galaxy is opened for human exploration; fail and humanity is doomed to extinction.

Which will it be? Come along for the ride of your life. It's a bumpy one, but well worth the trip.


Mars is a frontier town, filled with prospectors and mining camps. It’s a place of deadly dust storms, rockslides, and near-vacuum atmosphere. And then there’s the terrorist. There’s also technology galore, from hyperplanes to space elevators. There are geological surveys and a literal leap of faith (in space).

When James McKie leaves for his first job in space, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Traveling to Mars is harrowing enough. Surviving once he gets there is another matter entirely. Yet there is a discovery waiting to be made, one that could open Mars to human colonization—if it doesn’t kill everyone first.

It was supposed to be a routine mission, but in an asteroid belt nothing is routine.

When prospecting ship Shamu is almost destroyed, the crew of five is left with three days of air, little water, a smashed starflight drive, and no hope of rescue. It will take every ounce of ingenuity and stubborn pigheadedness they possess to find a way to survive.

In the shadows of a small moon, there's a discovery waiting to be made—the secret to first contact. Will it open the stars to widespread exploration, or doom mankind to extinction?

THE IMPERATIVE CHRONICLES is available on Amazon in 13 countries:

To find out more about my books, go to my blog at or my website: @MarkTerenceChap 

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The Aliens Versus Zombies promo campaign is almost ready to launch. With a week left before the campaign kicks off, we have 96 supporters with a global social media reach of 84,000 people! That means only 4 more supporters are needed. (We can fly right past 100 if we want to. It means a broader social reach.)

As always, thanks so much to everyone who supports this book!

If you know of anyone you think might be interested in joining the campaign, feel free to forward this to them.

Thank you for participating in this social experiment.

Here again are the links to the campaign ( and to the book age on Amazon ( If anyone wants to know more about me or my books, here are my website ( and my Facebook page (