Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunrise Destiny will be published by Red Rose Publishing

I mailed the contract yesterday, so it's official. I don't have an estimated release date, but my sci-fi novel, Sunrise Destiny (SD) will be published later this year, first as an ebook, and then possibly later in paperback. (For more information about SD, see my website.)

This will be my third published novel, following The Mars Imperative (TMI) and The Tesserene Imperative (TTI), published in 2007. (That publisher, unfortunately, has gone bankrupt, so now I have to find a new publisher for them.)

My fourth novel, My Other Car is a Spaceship, is just about ready to begin submitting to publishers. So who knows? I may have more good news to report in a few months. (My fifth novel, as yet untitled, is the sequel to TMI and TTI. It's approximately half-written.)

More later when I get some details.


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