Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good news re. Sunrise Destiny

My publisher recently assigned an editor to my third science fiction novel, Sunrise Destiny. She'll begin work on it shortly. I still don't have an assigned release date, but I imagine I'll get that fairly soon.

In an unrelated note, it looks like the anthology I wrote a story for last year is on track for publication in the next few months. The anthology will be called The World Outside the Window. The concept is that the main character of each story sees something or someone outside the window in the courtyard below or the road beyond. All the stories relate to what those characters see (or remember) happening outside. To add a twist, the stories cross genres, including science fiction, romance, and other types.

My (sci-fi) story is called, Fallen Star, Rising Star.

I'll follow up with more details as I get them.


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