Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'll be chatting on Internet Voices Radio on Tue., Feb. 3

On Tuesday, February 3, 2009, I’ll be chatting on Internet Voices Radio with several other authors. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. (eastern time, U.S.). The topic will be fantasy heroes. Please join us at

I’ll be talking about my upcoming novel, Sunrise Destiny.

Joining me on the program will be fellow authors:

Emily Bryan, author of light-hearted, sexy historical romance romps:

Lillian Cauldwell, author of paranormal young adult (YA) tales, including the Anna Mae Mysteries, including The Golden Treasure.

Rowena Cherry author of "racy, wildly entertaining futuristic romance", the most recent being Knight's Fork, about a queen in need of a discreet sperm donor.

Sara Taney Humphreys author of paranormal romance novels, including the Amoveo series:

Brenna Lyons, author of milieu-heavy dark fiction, mainly science fiction, fantasy and horror, straight genre, romance and erotic crosses, poetry, articles and essays, including In her Ladyship’s Service.

Kellyann Zuzulo, author of the award-winning supernatural thriller A Genie in the House of Saud: Zubis Rises.



Anonymous said...

It was a very interesting chat I suppose with such wonderful guys around. How I wish I were there! I especially miss Emily Bryan
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Kellyann Zuzulo said...

What a timely and fun topic for early February! I'm sure to pick up some great tips for titles to read, and looking forward to getting the perspective on fantasy heroes from such wonderful authors!

Rowena Cherry said...

What a superbly dramatic image for your blog! That's very eye-catching.

We're all looking forward to picking your brains to find out what goes through your masculine head when you create a hero!

Of course, you can tell us what a guy likes to fantasize about in a science fiction heroine.

Rowena Cherry said...


I had no idea it was a space elevator. Now that is cool!

Gary said...


I really enjoyed your first book -- look forward to reading "Sunrise Destiny". Please let us know when it is available. Do you know if the ebook is compatible with the Kindle viewer?
Keep on writing!