Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Tesserene Imperative is now available.

The second edition of The Tesserene Imperative: Book Two of The Imperative Chronicles is now available on Amazon, for the low introductory price of USD$1.49.

It's an action/adventure Sci-Fi novel of survival, exploration. discovery and first-contact. It follows The Mars Imperative, but a decade later and in deepspace. 

The crew of Shamu find themselves in an asteroid belt, their ship riddled with holes from a micrometeoroid swarm. They have less than three days of air left, little water, a destroyed starflight drive, and no hope for rescue. They have to rely on their own creativity and determination to survive. If they can do that, there's an amazing discovery to be made that will open the stars to all of humanity--or doom it to extinction.

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