Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Other Car is a Spaceship audiobook is now available!

With nearly ***11,500 ebook copies sold*** the audiobook is now available.

This former Amazon #1 bestselling military sci-fi thriller has received ***80+*** 5- and 4-star reviews!

What a romp. Fun and fast paced. Great escapism. Just what you want in a space opera. Waiting with great anticipation for the sequel.”—Rick

“Not what you would think from the title…. This is the kind of book that you don't want to put down. Story lines and characters evolve on several plains to tell the good and the bad of a sentient universe. …. Something any avid sci-fi reader will enjoy!”—Edward O Mumby 

“Compelling! A well written, good book with an interesting storyline. [T]he story moves at a quick pace with lots of action.”—Judith A. Pilgrim 

“Swashbuckling meets Star Trek with a bit of Babylon 5 and Futurerama...over all a good read. Great fun, pick [it] up you scurvy dogs.” —A Kindle Customer 

“A good book. There was plenty of action and a well planned story line.”—Caitlin 

“A wonderful space opera. A very enjoyable book that has nonstop action with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. A delight for anyone that loves science fiction.” —James E. Brown, Jr. 

“Great space adventure. Excellent read.”—John L. Logan 

“A must for anyone who likes space battles…. Space guardians versus pirates, very good story, well written with good character development. Will get sequel when it comes available.”—David Paige

“Very interesting story believable characters, and a happy ending with a lead to the next book.” —Amazon Customer 

“Great story with very entertaining plot. It even makes you think that this could really be happening.” —Frank Poppers “pops” 

“The characters are fascinating both alien and otherwise. The action was non stop. I really got into the intergalactic relationships.”—Stuart Willner 

“An interesting twist on the good guy/bad guy plot with pirates and space. A fun story.”—Amazon Customer 

“Great story. From the title you might expect a slightly cheeky but humorous story. This novel is better than that. Much better in fact. I could not put it down.”—ArthurDent \

A really really good book !!!! Very good story, good action, realistic story line[.] ... Sure hope we get more along the same line[.] Good job!”—Steve A. Harrah 

“I was initially surprised by this book. Couldn't put it down. Enjoyed the writers characters, the personality, sarcasm, how they played on each other. Looking forward to a book 2. Hint hint. It truly was a great read. …. Thank you Mark Terence Chapman [f]or a book well written. :) —Amazon Customer 

“Very Satisfying. "My Other Car is a Spaceship" reads like a good effort from a top writer. The science fiction is plausible, the dialogue is believable, the plot and backstory are well-crafted. Mr Chapman keeps the action going, offers up some good jokes, a couple of homages - all in all, a very satisfying read. I recommend this book and I will read more from this author.”—Stoney “stoney” 

“I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. The title was fanciful, however it was more than I expected. A really good fast flowing read. Lots of adventure, descriptive characters, Pirates and more.”—Evelyn Crow 

“…he weaves a mighty, quite intricate web of [deceit], subterfuge, destruction and cunning. The characters seem to be like friends to you. You get to know them well. The dialog is true. When Mr. Chapman has these various [species] talking he remembers to place a bit of description in that makes the character stand out. It is a well-woven plot. ... I'd like to see more of Hal and Kalen and their adventures.”—Anja 

“A good read hope there's a sequel”—Aidan Reilly 

“Smartly written, quick pace, yet still has involved characters.”—Mike King 

“Loved it. Very well done - I can't wait for more!”—D Sable 

“Keeps you on your toes for the duration of the book”—Terence Chapman (Sunrise Beach Australia) [Not me… J] 

“A fast moving story with great characters that you just can't put down once you start reading.”—NJacques 

“Absolute fantastic read”—Pieter 

“Good start to what can be a good series. “Pretty good bit of Space Opera, I enjoyed it immensely.”—Michael Kal-El 

“Really like this book was fast paced and kept me engrossed through the whole book can't wait to read more.”—George sterling 

“Great reading. Really liked this book. Couldn't hardly put it down. Can't wait for the sequel. Will look for it till published.”—Hal Williams 

“Hardcore. FIVE stars for this book[. I]t was a surprise from the title[. I]t developed quickly into a good read. Characters developed nice. And fitted [easily] with each other quickly.”—Amazon Customerhardcore sick 

“Well thought out and written story of action and suspense. Chapman has a winner in this story. Needs to make a short series out of it”—David L. Coffing 

“This was a fun read … swashbuckling at its finest!”—Amazon Customer 

“Spell[b]inding read that keeps you turning the pages. Great action adventure with a space opera theme. Well developed characters with a true sense of duty and honor.”—Kendrick Knight 

“I loved it. Almost nonstop action from Chapter 3 on. The action sequences are exciting and the banter between the two main characters is funny. There are battle sequences aplenty, guerilla warfare, and lots of ingenuity displayed by the heroes (and the author). A great read. I couldn't put it down.”—Russ Allen 

“Fast paced and keeps your interest. Hal is smart, and a great hero who thinks fast on his feet[;] teamed with the captain and the Dr. They are an unbeatable team.”—Amazon Customer 

“A very enjoyable, action pack[ed] military [SF] against pirates. Well worth buying. I started and could not stop reading it. I will definitely buy the next book in the series.”—Robert P Lowrey 

“Great read. Good story, I would have renamed the ship "Merrys Revenge". Want to know which ship I am referring too? You will just have to read this entertaining book to find out. Anxiously waiting book two.”—David W. Kohn 

“A Great Romp!”—BG-expat 

“I found this book very interesting, and hard to put down. There is almost nonstop action from about the fourth chapter. [T]his was a good read. I'd recommend this to science fiction fans.”—Jacob Ward 


- Apple iTunes/iBooks (in 51 countries): https://itunes.apple.com/ca/audiobook/my-other-car-is-spaceship/id954899764 (After signing in with the iBooks app, select your country or region.) 

- Amazon (in 13 countries): http://smarturl.it/MyOtherCarSpaceship 

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