Monday, March 2, 2015

The Tesserene Imperative is on sale for only $1.99!

Mar 1-3 (until 4 PM EST) only, get THE TESSERENE IMPERATIVE for a mere $1.99. If you’ve been on the fence about getting this ***4.7-star rated*** sci-fi thriller, here’s your chance. Don’t have a Kindle? Download the FREE Kindle app for Android, Apple, and Windows. You can read the book on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. If you have AMAZON PRIME or KINDLE UNLIMITED, you can download the book for FREE!

This 4.7-STAR -RATED first-contact thriller is receiving rave reviews:

“Great yarn! Well written treasure finding adventure, set in deep space! Excellent!!”—Terry (Amazon Australia)

“I enjoyed this book very much. Although written in a classic "buddies on a ship" kind of format, it has believable characters, smokin' hot technology ideas and some very interesting 1st contact scenarios. I would highly recommend this book to any hard sci fi fan.”—Hard Sci-Fi Guy

“Mark Chapman is another of the young authors that are bringing new and exciting back to science fiction. I love the return to OPTIMISTIC science fiction/space opera, after too long a period of most mainstream science fiction being entirely too dystopian for my taste. The Imperative Chronicles have started off with two strong novels, and I just keep hoping that more will come out soon!”—Michael Kal-El

Quite interesting and involving”—Michael J. Bercutt "professionaltraveler"

“FIVE stars for this book[. I]t was a good read. [A] lot of surprises and twists to keep me guessing.”— Amazon Customerhardcore sick

“I think that this book.would be a great read for young adults!”—zcrazypolak

Very interesting story … worthy of my 5 stars.”—Doc Grit Taylor

Five stars.”—Michael Wiglesworth

“the author has put together a good storyline and cast of characters.”—Dave R

Good Book two of series.” Scott Frazer

It was supposed to be a routine mission, but in an asteroid belt nothing is routine. When prospecting ship Shamu is almost destroyed, the crew of five is left with three days of air, little water, a smashed starflight drive, and no hope of rescue. It will take every ounce of ingenuity and stubborn pigheadedness they possess to find a way to survive.

In the shadows of a small moon, there's a discovery waiting to be made--the secret to first contact. Will it open the stars to widespread exploration, or doom mankind to extinction?

Despite being part of a series, my sci-fi thriller, THE TESSERENE IMPERATIVE (Book Two of The Imperative Chronicles), is a stand-alone story. (You don't necessarily have to read Book One (The Mars Imperative)—but, of course, you’ll want to!) It’s available on Amazon in 13 countries:

To find out more about my books, go to my blog at or my website:

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