Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Imperative Chronicles is Available for Preorder

This two-book set of THE IMPERATIVE CHRONICLES contains the complete, unabridged, highly rated sci-fi thrillers, THE MARS IMPERATIVE and THE TESSERENE IMPERATIVE. It's a perfect holiday gift for the hard sci-fi fan in your life, with almost 700 pages of excitement. It ships Dec. 6.

Get ready for a near-future universe where the science and technology is as real as anything you might encounter today. It's a universe of space elevators, terraforming, mining camps on Mars, and prospecting for minerals in distant asteroid belts; a universe where the Earth is dangerously overpopulated. We must expand outward to survive.

Dangers abound in space, but so do opportunities. Succeed and the galaxy is opened for human exploration; fail and humanity is doomed to extinction.

Which will it be? Come along for the ride of your life. It's a bumpy one, but well worth the trip.

Mars is a frontier town, filled with prospectors and mining camps. It’s a place of deadly dust storms and near-vacuum atmosphere. And then there’s the terrorist.

When James McKie leaves for his first job in space, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Traveling to Mars is harrowing enough. Surviving once he gets there is another matter entirely. Yet there is a discovery waiting to be made, one that could open Mars to human colonization—if it doesn’t kill everyone first.

It was supposed to be a routine mission, but in an asteroid belt nothing is routine.

When prospecting ship Shamu is almost destroyed, the crew of five is left with three days of air, little water, a smashed starflight drive, and no hope of rescue. It will take every ounce of ingenuity and stubborn pigheadedness they possess to find a way to survive.

In the shadows of a small moon, there's a discovery waiting to be made--the secret to first contact. Will it open the stars to widespread exploration, or doom mankind to extinction?

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