Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Major milestone reached in Aliens Versus Zombies Thunderclap promo campaign

As of a few minutes ago, the Thunderclap campaign for Aliens Versus Zombies has surpassed the 1/3 mark, with 35 supporters. Only 65 left to go, with 28 days left. Thanks so much to all of the supporters. The total social "reach" of the campaign stands currently at 38,734. We have a shot at reaching 100,000 people by the time the campaign is over!

In approximate order of sign-up, the list of supporters includes:

Charles Avant
Vegard Matias Lund
Chad Franklin
Glenice Taylor Minardi
Betty McIntyre
Stanislava Dobnakova Kohut
Tom Chlebus
Barry Flux
Chris Hawkins
Barbara Merritt Chapman
Claire Bear
Jonathan Meyer
Dionne Washington
Meghan Hamilton
Author Hugh B. Long
Dawn Napier
James Farley
Jamie Dietz
John Dowlen
Bruce Slaven
Bob Morrow
Denise Ellyson
Patty Haupt
Julian Barker
Linda Mefford
Clarissa Silva
Darryl Pierce
Gowtham Dravidian
Shaun Donovan
Susan Foster Hagy
Casey Harvell

I hope I spelled everyone's name correctly. I seem to be missing a few names. If I omitted yours, please forgive me. Let me know and I'll acknowledge you in my next status update. (Sorry!) Most of these people are on Facebook. A few are only on Twitter or Tumblr.

To join the campaign (which is free and takes only a few clicks) go to: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/27110-aliens-versus-zombies# .

For more information, or to preorder AVZ (for only $0.99/£0.99 on Amazon) go to: http://smarturl.it/AliensVersusZombies.

Once again, thanks to you all! We're going to make this happen!

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