Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'll be appearing in Sci-Fi Octoberfest 2007

Author Gabriella Hewitt has graciously asked me to participate in her Sci Fi Octoberfest 2007 blog. Throughout the month of October, you'll find interviews of myself and seven other authors and bloggers, including Susan Grant, David Boultbee, Christine d'Abo, Heather Holland, Liz Kreger, Bev Katz Rosenbaum, and Angela Sci Fi Chick, along with some guest blogs. (The interviewees represent an intriguing mix of sci-fi, romance, and YA fiction.)

Please join us and learn my deepest, darkest secrets, such as if I were a Star Trek character, which would I be, and why? Or what three things would I take with me right before being evacuated from a doomed planet? These and other immensely intriguing questions await you at Sci Fi Octoberfest 2007, where I'll also be talking about my first novel, The Mars Imperative, and my upcoming second novel from the same series, The Tesserene Imperative.


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