Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More reader reviews for The Mars Imperative

Just in the last few days, a couple of readers have posted brief reviews of The Mars Imperative on, as follows:

The Mars Imperative is a great adventure. I loved it when McKie found a type of life form waiting for discovery. The lichen provides the missing link necessary to reestablish an atmosphere that may support life on Mars. Mark mixed some nice intrigue, drama, and romance along with a touch of Hollywood fame. Well done! I'm proud to have an autographed copy of this wonderful book.
E.S. Thurman

I enjoyed the book very much. It was a fast paced book that was also an enjoyable read. I enjoy sci-fi that doesn't talk down to me that is explained in such a way that I feel like I'm always in the loop as I'm reading!

Mr. Chapman is going to be a voice to be heard in this genre!
Author Erin Gordon

Thanks, E.S., and Erin, for such kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much.


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