Saturday, June 2, 2007

Two weeks to go!

With approximately two weeks to go until The Mars Imperative "ships" in ebook format, (sometime after that in trade paperback), it's getting hectic. I just got the edits back from my editor, Patty, and they're pretty minor (punctuation, mostly). I'm going to spend most of this weekend rereading/polishing the book, for a final version on Monday.

Meanwhile, I hope to get the mockup of the cover on Monday as well. I provided several possible ideas to the artist, but I have no idea which, if any, she chose to go with, or what she did with it. (Once I get a more-or-less final version of the cover, and figure out how to post pictures here, I'll provide a link to the cover.)

Then I get to start working on the edits for The Tesserene Imperative, and then finish the last 2-3 chapters of My Other Car is a Spaceship, and then write an expanded/polished second draft of it. And when all that's done, I get to go back to Reunion and write the second half of it. Whew! (And that's not even counting my day job as a technical writer.)

I guess all that should keep me out of trouble for the next few months. 8^}


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