Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Upcoming reviews of The Mars Imperative

To try to generate buzz for the book, the publisher and I have sent copies of the ebook to a number of SF-related web sites and ezines who have expressed an interest in reviewing the book. (So far four have said yes, a fifth has said to send them the paperback when it's ready, and a sixth has accepted a copy of the ebook, but said that their editors are free to pick and choose which ones they want to read/review--so no promises.)

I heard back from one of the reviewers yesterday, to point out a minor typo on the copyright page. (That's thorough!) But she also tossed me a bone in the same email:

Hey I'm on page sixty and really enjoying this book, well written and engaging characters...back to reading.

It's hardly a full review, and she might hate the book as a whole, but it's a good start anyway. And she hadn't even gotten to the best parts yet. 8^}

More on this as reviews come in.

Mark. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

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