Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Mars Imperative book cover

Here's the cover from my first published book. It's not perfect (the color of Mars is wrong, I don't know what the blue swoosh is supposed to represent, and there are no stars in the background), but I'm just the author. I have limited input into the creative process of designing a book cover. 8^} At the very least, it's eye-catching, no? (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

If you look closely, you can make out the cables and the cars of the space elevator connecting the Orbital Docking Facility to the planet.)

Update: The Mars Imperative is now available on and, as well as the publisher's web site (



jackson said...

The cover looks great and I have begun the novel - it is a great read. I was a fan of sci-fi book when I was younger. The Mars Imperative may regenerate that interest. But I think the book may prove to be more than sci-fi, it is more like a vision into what may be our future.

I really like the use of the intro information – I know it is a “fictional” reference, but it works very well.

I just want to say I like the book. I’ve always been impressed with your writing at this novel is true to your talent. If you ever have a signing near me -- I would love for you to sign my copy.

One question not related to your book, but to the cover of your sister Victoria’s book. Is the lady on the cover Victoria? Wow - One hot momma.

Mark Terence Chapman said...

Gary (I know that's you): Thanks for the kind words. And, no, the model on the cover of Vicky's book isn't Vicky. Hmph! 8^}