Monday, May 18, 2015

Aliens Versus Zombies, Update 9

I didn't have as much time for editing Draft 2 of Aliens Versus Zombies as I did on Saturday, but between Sunday and Monday, I managed to edit another 13 chapters. That leaves 11 chapters and the short epilogue to go.

The editing has been pretty light so far. Mostly typos and changing a few details to match the direction I ended up going in the later chapters. I added a few sentences here and there, and deleted a few others. The net difference in word count so far is only about +100. So far, I haven't come across anything I feel is missing. At this rate, I may be done with Draft 2 before the weekend. And then I'll be ready for beta readers. So, if you're interested in being the first on your block to read it, Let me know. :) All I ask for is honest feedback about what you think works and what needs work.

I'm really pleased with the 26 chapters I've edited so far. In my earlier novels, the first few chapters never felt quite right until after several drafts. But this time everything worked out just right from the beginning.

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